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Nonprofit Solutions


This is a challenging time for nonprofit organizations. Dramatic changes resulting from recent economic, social, and legislative developments are increasingly common. Many face the demand for increased levels of program activities during a period of reduced government funding, reduced tax benefits for gifts, and variable environmental and political issues impacting interest rates.

With over 40 years of experience working with nonprofits, Insero's Nonprofit Solutions Group has the knowledge and capacity to help you with your organization's needs. Our clients include foundations, arts and cultural organizations, chambers of commerce, social clubs, fraternities and sororities, museums and historical preservation societies, environmental groups, housing assistance and development organizations, recreation facilities and programs, community support organizations, child care providers, private schools, and agricultural programs. Learn more about our service offerings below:


Outsource Accounting Services

Insero's Outsource Accounting Services Group allows you to leverage the knowledge and insights of a dedicated team of financial professionals so you can focus your attention on what's important to your organization. Our nonprofit consultants can help you with strategic 'big-picture' services as well as recurring accounting, bookkeeping, and process-driven services.

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Audit Services

We are committed to achieving the highest quality audit possible. That's why we plan and execute our nonprofit audits in a way that maximizes audit efficiency to provide you with the highest quality and value added service with a competitive fee structure.

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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

We are in the top 1% of employee benefit plan accounting firms in the United States based on plan assets audited. While size alone is not the most important measure of a firm, you can be confident that because of our focus and extensive experience with 403(b) plans, our team can deliver your audit with quality and efficiency rivaling that of any firm in the country, with a lower fee structure than most.

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