Outsourced Tax Services

There are several key trends and factors now encouraging companies to consider outsourcing their tax management services. Indeed, finance and accounting decision makers are coming to several conclusions about their in-house efforts.

Perhaps some of these challenges sound familiar:

  • Increasing complexity of the tax laws as they apply to your company.
  • Increased scrutiny of your financial information by lenders, regulatory agencies, governmental authorities, etc.
  • Increased transparency required in your financial statements.
  • Auditor independence issues are decreasing what they are able and/or willing to do in connection with the year end engagement.
  • Ever tighter budgets are placed upon your accounting department to keep up with all of these increased demands, particularly in the tax area, making it difficult to keep up with the routine work, let alone the project work that may be equally as vital.
  • Your company has expanded internationally and you are not familiar with the necessary for
    ms, filings, informational requirements, and tax planning techniques.

Why choose Insero?

By outsourcing tax management services your organization gains an opportunity to address these challenges. You can better manage and mitigate risk in the face of increasingly complex tax environments. You can ensure your tax services are handled in a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective way. And you can put a more concentrated focus for your strategic efforts and organizational resources on actions that contribute to shareholder value, market differentiation, and other factors that affect your bottom line.Let us help. We can be flexible enough to be available when you need us (and only when you need us) and we have the depth and breadth of tax experience to assist you with all phases of your external reporting requirements. This flexibility provides you with a cost effective solution to a vexing problem confronting many companies. Our tax partners’ average experience is 25+ years and we have a large and engaged staff of dedicated tax professionals.

We can help with any project you wish to outsource including:

  • FAS 109/Tax provision preparation
  • FIN 48 analysis and documentation
  • Research projects
  • Discrete projects that you simply can’t get to (amended returns, carryback claims, changes in accounting methods, etc.)
  • Tax planning for international operations

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