Upcoming compliance deadlines:

6/30     Deadline for processing corrective distributions for failed actual deferral percentage / actual contribution percentage (ADP/ACP) tests from calendar year plans with eligible automatic contribution arrangements (EACAs) without 10% excise tax

7/15     Postponed deadline for filing of 2019 individual, partnership and corporation federal income tax returns and making contributions eligible for 2019 deductibility (some states have also extended state income tax returns)

7/15     Postponed deadline for filing Form 5500 for plans with original due dates or extended due dates falling on or after April 1 and before July 15

7/29     Summary of material modifications is due (210 days after the end of the plan year in which the amendment was adopted)

7/31     Form 5500 is due for calendar year plans or a request for an extension on Form 5558

7/31     Form 5330 to report excise tax on prohibited transactions and excess 401(k) plan contributions is due

7/31     Form 8955-SSA for calendar year plans to report separated participants with a deferred vested benefit is due, unless an extension is requested


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