Client Spotlight: Catoctin Creek Distilling

In this video, Scott Harris, Founder and General Manager of Catoctin Creek Distilling in Purcellville, Virgina, discusses how Insero helped improve processes, implemented new accounting software, and provides ongoing support for his business.

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    Catoctin Creek Distillery is a distillery that makes traditional Virginia rye whiskey. We were founded in 2009 by myself and my wife, Becky Harris we sought to create a type of whiskey that was common in the Virginia area in the 17 and 1800s and was unknown at the time when we started the company.

    At Catoctin Creek, we couldn’t recommend Insero enough. They really to get all the books into the new system, were doing a completely exhaustive audit of our business and all of the accounts, and bringing those over. What was revealed was 10 years of mistakes, little things here and there, but they all added up quite a bit. And so we were really able to clean our books up quite a bit.

    They also moved us to a platform that is largely online and just sort of the training that goes along with using a new system like that has really, I think, honed our company’s skills, keeping good, solid type accounting books. There are certain tasks that we just don’t want to do, the mundane, routine kind of tasks, like coding payroll or coding the company Amex cards and things like that. Then it just frees us up from having to do those kinds of tasks, and they’re perfectly happy to do them, and of course, they do them very reliably.

    The value that we’ve gotten out of this partnership is sort of twofold. One is we’ve become more efficient at reading our books, understanding our books, and obviously, that means that we’re spending money more wisely. You know, the second part of dealing with them is just learning how to do new things and do them more efficiently. And from that perspective, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough, just super helpful from a people standpoint, but also in getting us sort of whipped into shape with our accounting system.

    Photo credit: DJ Glisson II, Firefly Imageworks