Rebecca Ward, CPA

Audit Department
Rochester Institute of Technology

“In public accounting, I think that a lot of the work can be pretty similar from firm to firm but at Insero one of the things I’ve always appreciated is that the partners and managers really keep everyone in the loop, no matter your level, about the direction of the firm.

Right when I came onboard, I’ve always felt like I was a part of the overall bigger picture of where the firm was going and I knew what was going on and I always feel that I can trust the partners and managers to make the right decisions, so I feel that that sets Insero apart from other accounting firms.

Right from the start I was given a lot of responsibility to work with clients directly, with all the guidance and support that I needed but I think that this really helped me work on my professional communication skills, and I feel extremely comfortable and confident talking with my clients now, which is one of my favorite parts of the job. Insero gave me all the tools I needed to really help deliver great client service.”