ARTICLE | February 02, 2024

In the dynamic world of business, attaining efficiency and expertise in technical accounting is not only critical but also challenging. To navigate this complex landscape, companies are increasingly turning to co-sourcing as an effective strategy. Co-sourcing technical accounting involves establishing a partnership with an outside vendor that complements an organization’s existing team, offering specialized skills and knowledge to efficiently execute the job at hand.

Co-sourcing technical accounting stands out as a practical approach for companies experiencing swift strategic growth or those diversifying into various business sectors. These companies often require specialized expertise that may not be readily available in-house.

The essence of co-sourcing is not to replace the existing staff but to work alongside them, creating a synergy that enhances overall efficiency. Unlike outsourcing, where control is lost to an outside vendor, co-sourcing ensures that companies retain day-to-day control over their operations.

One of the significant advantages of co-sourcing technical accounting is the potential cost savings. Instead of investing heavily in developing internal resources, co-sourcing provides the opportunity to leverage external expertise on demand, which can be more cost-effective. This approach also allows companies to acquire specialized skills for specific projects without the long-term commitments associated with hiring full-time staff.

Co-sourcing also offers remarkable flexibility. As business environments change rapidly, co-sourcing allows companies to adapt swiftly by planning and executing projects without the need to add new staff. This agility can significantly contribute to maximizing profits.

However, the success of co-sourcing technical accounting largely depends on the choice of the external partner. The right partner should not only have the required expertise but also understand the organization’s unique needs. This is where Insero’s Technical Accounting and Consulting Group comes into play.

Insero’s Technical Accounting and Consulting Group comprises dedicated experts who can handle even the most complex accounting issues. Their services range from providing on-call advice to offering full hands-on assistance. Their technical accounting and reporting advisory services can aid in answering complex technical accounting questions and provide sustained support through co-sourcing services.

However, like any other business strategy, co-sourcing has its potential pitfalls. The risk of turf battles between internal staff and external partners exists, as does the possibility of a silo mentality, where the internal team overly focuses on core functions, neglecting critical global monitoring and profitability issues. These can be mitigated by choosing a partner like Insero that values collaboration and works to integrate seamlessly with your team.

In conclusion, co-sourcing technical accounting offers a robust solution for companies looking to enhance their internal audit function without losing control. With strategic planning and the right partner, co-sourcing can cut costs and boost quality and productivity. Insero’s Technical Accounting and Consulting Group is ready to assist with key technical accounting areas such as lease accounting, revenue recognition, credit losses, and more, providing the expertise you need when you need it.

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