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Insero's Outsource Accounting Group is comprised of business and finance professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Our professionals offer support in a number of areas, both as an addendum to ongoing services we are already providing or on a one-time project basis.


Why choose Insero?

Sometimes a company needs one-time support for a particular initiative or project; we call this Special Accounting Services.

Examples of Special Accounting Services:

  • Financial data and system clean-up - we will examine your data, make the needed adjustments, or reconstitute your data for the whole year including transferring the data from a manual to a computerized system when applicable.
  • Cash flow planning and development - we will work with you to develop a cash flow projection and cash flow report so that you can continuously monitor your cash and plan expenditures accordingly.
  • Budget creation - we will review your financial history and put together an operating budget.
  • Financial projection models - we will develop formulas for long-term and short-term scenarios so you can answer the "what if" questions.
  • Bank loan and lease package preparation - we will assist you in filling out all application forms, generating required financial projections and statements, assembling personal income tax returns and loan guarantees, and completing any other agreements and attachments requested.
  • Business plan support - we will help you put together the financial sections of your business plan, including pro forma financial statements.
  • External audit management - we will facilitate the preparation of materials for your audit including generating schedules and working with your CPA to provide all of the information being requested.
  • Accounting system support - we will coordinate with your information systems vendor to implement an accounting system conversion including management of the data transfer and training on the new system.

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