Research & Development Tax Credits

Did you know that the Research & Development Tax Credit can provide you with a dollar-for-dollar credit against federal, and in some cases, state taxes?

Unfortunately, most businesses do not realize the full Research & Development Tax Credit benefit available to them as they tend to only think in terms of scientists in white lab coats! Are you sure your tax advisor has helped you maximize your full Research and Development Tax Credit?


Why choose Insero?

Qualifying activities can include the development of a new product, the design of a new machine, and even the improvement of internal processes. Our team can help you take full advantage of this opportunity by providing you with the maximum benefit available for your company along with the proper supporting documentation.

This credit has become more popular in recent years and to pass IRS scrutiny, you need a team that knows exactly what they are doing. Do not make an expensive mistake, contact us and allow us to walk you through the process.

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