Careers for Accounting Students

Insero & Co. CPAs has careers for accounting students interested in joining our team. At Insero you’re not just a number, you are an individual with aspirations. We offer:

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Flexibility

  • Challenging and interesting work

Campus Recruiting Schedule

Each year, we hold a variety of on-campus and virtual events including career fairs, panels, presentations, and interviews. There are no more events scheduled for 2021, but you can still apply for the jobs listed above or apply to our future talent pipeline today.


Insero & Co. CPAs is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, protected veteran/military status, familial status, domestic violence status, pregnancy status, gender identity or expression, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

“I think one thing I would say to a potential candidate is go to a place that has great culture and that’s what I found out about Insero, so when they called me to offer the job, I knew that I was going to accept. You know, we have a great culture here at Insero, but we also work hard too and working hard is imperative but if you work hard, you put the time in, they’re willing to invest back in you to give you new opportunities to grow. I’ve also been given the opportunity to do more, every day taking on a new responsibility and then pushing me to be better and to take on more and knowing that I have that potential and Insero does that if they see potential in you they’re going to use it and they’re going to try to put you in the best position to succeed.

They’re very flexible, you know even working from home with the coronavirus, they’re on top of that. They wanted us to be safe, they had us bring home whatever we needed to do our jobs. So that says a lot and they’ve consistently stayed in communication with us over the months on what’s going on, and also reassuring that our safety was priority number one.”

Jed DumaisJed Dumais, Experienced Accountant, Audit Department

“In April and May I was at school and everything was uncertain with school and then thinking about this summer and not knowing if I would be having an internship or not was kind of a little devastating, because I’ve been looking at this firm since I was a freshman in college and to my surprise and I’m extremely grateful for it, I was still given the opportunity to have this internship this summer. Even though it was at home, I think that I have been given the full experience that I was hoping for.

If I have a question, it’s so easy to reach out to somebody and talk to them. I talk to my advisor probably every single day. Whether it’s just about school, or what to do when you graduate, to her teaching me audit programs and just things that I would normally have a conversation with if I was in the office, to now I can just have the conversation over Microsoft Teams and it’s just so easy to communicate with one another.

Everything was more than I expected. It’s been a very good experience so far.”

Hannah BennettHannah Bennett, Intern, Audit Department

“When choosing a firm, Insero stood out to me based on the culture. When talking to current employees, I truly felt that the values and ideals of the firm were lived and practiced and made the work environment better for all employees. Insero is different because of the focus on employee development and job satisfaction. The management team emphasizes that all employees find the right fit for client base and career track.

The opportunities within the firm are endless. I am able to work with clients of many different industries and sizes which allows me to be challenged and develop my career organically by being exposed to a variety of work. Since beginning with the firm, my ability to work with many different people has grown. By working within different departments and on different engagement teams I have learned how to adapt to many working styles not only within the firm but with clients as well.”

Brianna RawleighBrianna Rawleigh, Supervisor, Tax Department
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