Video Transcript:

In today’s world, it’s important to be able to adapt. This can include revisiting your current structure and determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to perform your accounting functions.


Have you considered outsourcing or co-sourcing?


What’s the difference?


At Insero, we offer custom outsourcing and co-sourcing arrangements to fit your exact needs.


Option 1: Full Outsourcing. Our team will take care of your entire accounting function, from bill pay to CFO. [Visual will show Insero acting as accounting department]


Option 2: Co-sourcing. Our team will work with your existing accounting department, providing support that complements your needs.


Here’s an example: You’ve got basic bookkeeping and daily duties covered, but you need help with higher-level accounting functions. Insero can provide a CFO-level consultant on an hourly basis to work alongside your existing accounting staff, so you get just the level of support you need.


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