Turn Captivating Social Media Posts Into Customers

Facebook boasts 1.8 billion daily users. LinkedIn, formerly just a networking site for professionals, has become one of the top social media platforms. Twitter is now the constant companion of politicians, pundits, and consumers. Two billion people watch YouTube videos every month.

Businesses who tap into this vast crowd of potential customers can garner sizable revenues. But as with other business endeavors, learning to profit in this environment takes persistence and know-how.

In the world of social media, content is king. Engage with customers quickly and effectively, and you’ll direct their buying decisions toward your products and services. Annoy them, and they’ll tell their online friends.

Follow these guidelines to turn captivating content on your social media site into profitable customers.

  • Provide value. Think customer first and always. Give them information that’s relevant and timely. Advance their goals with clever or unique insights and forget the hard sell. Remember, your potential audience is bombarded with advertisements every waking minute. Don’t add to this bombardment.
  • Craft captivating headlines. Ask a question in the headline that relates to the content in the post. Or catch the user’s eye with clever or humorous wording. Generate interest by focusing on a current trend or news item of concern to your audience and don’t pull users into an article with a catchy headline then annoy them with unrelated content.
  • Align with your audience. Make the tone of your article resonate with potential customers by getting to know them and crafting your message accordingly. You might use software tools to gather and analyze data on social media contacts, then use that information to create customer personas, or high-level summaries of target customers. Find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make it accessible. Your content should reach all kinds of people. For example, you might use image descriptions to help people with vision impairments or others who struggle to understand the purpose of an image. Use video captions to engage people with hearing loss, consumers who aren’t native speakers, or potential buyers who prefer video without audio.
  • Respond quickly. When you’re browsing the aisles at your favorite hardware store and ask a clerk for advice, you appreciate a timely response, don’t you? The same holds true with digital communication. When your company follows up right away, customers are more likely to remember their initial comment and feel that you value their feedback. Even a simple and timely thank you shows that you care.
  • Start small. If you’re tiptoeing into the social media arena, take time to learn the pros and cons of each platform in relation to your target demographic. Is your audience using Twitter more than Facebook? Instagram more than LinkedIn? Are most of your sales to young adults or retirees? Hone your efforts toward a target audience as you build a network of followers.

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