Simplify Your Inventory Management

For food and beverage companies, inventory management is critical to keeping customers satisfied, being efficient, and growing profits. In the past, inventory management meant maintaining a stack of spreadsheets and conducting frequent manual counts. 

Now, you can integrate best-in-class products like Sage Intacct, the cloud-based accounting software solution, with your other business systems to streamline inventory control and accounting.

How integration works

In simple terms, Sage Intacct is designed to be able to talk with other business systems. You can connect Sage Intacct with any applications you have—whether they’re proprietary custom applications or widely used business systems like those from Oracle and SAP. 

The integration with your other businesses systems doesn’t take long. And you can tailor each connection to your specific purchasing, order entry, and other workflow processes. 

Benefits of fine-tuned inventory control

Managing inventory is a continual process of monitoring stock levels, forecasting future demand, and intelligently replenishing inventory—all of which can be done automatically through Sage Intacct.

It’s easy to customize a Sage Intacct dashboard that will allow you to track, value, and manage all your products, locations, and inventory from one place. Standard templates are available for adjustments, transfers, damaged goods, and more, or you can use customized templates. Either way, the result is a seamless inventory workflow that ensures accuracy at every step.

Sage Intacct’s real-time inventory management software also features built-in reports that include replenishment projections, so you can make more informed decisions on optimal inventory levels and set the right reorder points and quantities. The system can even propose a list of purchase orders, pick vendors based on speed or cost, and route the POs through your standard approval processes.

As your business grows and you find yourself needing more control and features, you can simply go to the Sage Intacct Marketplace to download the latest supply chain, warehouse management, and other software.

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