Conrad Whyte

Supervisor, Audit Department
St. Bonaventure University

Conrad started as an Accountant in our Audit Department in 2013.

“What makes the firm the best place to work is the comfort I feel on a daily basis. Comfort in the fact that I chose a firm that I can see myself working at throughout my life. Comfort in the fact that our client service goes beyond dollars and cents and into personal and professional relationships. There are never days that are exactly the same, and I know that if I ask to work on something new, the firm will try and afford me the opportunity to help me realize a new challenge. I chose to work for Insero because of the clients and how much the firm gives back to the community, not only with money, but more importantly with time. This is not something that is mandated, but is something that is encouraged. This firm has the resources and work production of a top tier firm, but with a community feel. It’s an honor to work for Insero.

The people are what makes Insero different. It goes beyond the usual teamwork atmosphere that another firm might portray and feels like family. I’m in a position where I trust that my coworkers not only have the firm’s best intentions, but the intentions of its employees as well. This family or close knit atmosphere extends from our offices to our clients as well. Coming into the firm, it amazed me that for most of our long term clients and for even a few of our newer clients, there was a close relationship which allowed for a greater sense of trust from those clients.

The wealth of knowledge that is available at Insero is second to none. If I have a question to be answered, our partners, managers, and coworkers will be able to either give me insight or quickly point me in a direction to teach myself. I’ve also learned a greater sense for hard work and timeliness. Part of our client service is being able to accommodate to our clients’ deadlines which means that time will always be of the essence. In addition, I have learned how to better communicate to others both within, and outside of our offices. These lessons are paramount and have helped me to further my career.”