Project Description

Taylor Parker, CPA

Manager, Audit Department
Rochester Institute of Technology

Taylor Parker Testimonial

Taylor started as an Intern in 2013 and was hired full time after graduation in 2014.

“I chose to work at Insero because it offered a wide variety of exciting client opportunities, uncharacteristic of other regional firms, but still had the smaller firm feel I wanted. Insero wasn’t somewhere where I was going to be just a number, they were concerned with my personal and professional development.

I think the amount of confidence Insero has in its employees is what sets Insero apart from other firms. From the very beginning I was trusted to complete tasks that may have taken years to be trusted with at another firm. I think that confidence has been such a big part of my continued professional growth. The most important skill I have improved on during my first three years at Insero is communication. The only way to improve is through experience and on a daily basis I am continuing to learn from my interactions with co-workers, management, and clients.

Insero’s employee focus has always stood out to me. I can tell they are always working to improve the lives of their employees and are committed to investing in them, from the best subject matter and soft skills trainings to ever changing firm social events. This investment leads to fulfilled employees which results in satisfied clients.”