Tommy Dangler

Intern, Tax Department
SUNY Brockport

“Being the best company to work for in NYS at the mid-size level immediately grabbed my attention during recruiting season as a senior in college. When I began to do more research on the company, it was clear that Insero is a team environment that I wanted to be a part of. The 5 firm values of Insero very much stood out to me, and they aligned with the values I wanted to see in myself as a person, and as a young professional.

I have worked at Insero for almost a year now, and I have noticed that what makes Insero different is the company culture, and opportunities available to see where you’ll fit best in the firm.

I did a tax internship and an audit internship and ultimately decided to work in tax full time starting in 2023. Being able to have both of those experiences to give myself a better understanding of where I wanted to begin my career as an accountant was extremely valuable. I am grateful that Insero was able to provide me with this opportunity to develop my skills, and make an informed decision.

As I mentioned earlier, Insero is a team environment; where communication is frequent amongst different levels of staff, as well as a great value on work/life balance. The Insero management and partner group does not let hard work go unnoticed as well, as I have felt recognized and appreciated for my work in both internships.

With my experiences working a tax internship as well as an audit internship, I feel as if I have grown and progressed to become an organized thinker and problem solver. Throughout my time at Insero, it has been clear that the firm values the development of their new hires and interns. Having an advisor to help me with prioritization skills, managing my time, and assisting me with my work/life balance has been tremendously helpful.

What makes Insero the best place to work is the people who work here. From the moment I started my first internship, I felt like I was a member of the team. The training process was extensive and helped prepare me for my first exposure to the professional environment. I was able to connect with many different staff members, managers, and partners during my time at Insero, and I never felt like a burden to ask for help. Not to mention there were plenty opportunities for fun events outside of work where I was able to get to know staff members on a more personal level. I have always felt included at this firm, and I could not have asked for a better place to begin my professional career!”