Evan Cleveland

Senior Manager, Audit Department
St. Bonaventure University

Evan Cleveland Testimonial

Evan was an intern from May through August of 2012, and started full-time in our audit department in August 2012.

“The biggest differences between Insero and other firms are the culture, work/life balance, and my coworkers. The work/life balance makes our firm great. Even with deadlines and client needs, I always have time to get away from work. Having good coworkers can also make a good job great. Everyone has a great personality and is hard working.

There is a great sense of teamwork here. We go out as an audit team, not as individuals. You may have to help out others who are struggling with difficult sections of the audit, and sometimes take on additional assignments in order to complete the audit in the allotted time. You learn to adapt and adjust to other people’s working styles.

The skills I have improved on the most are patience and communication. You have to be patient as an auditor with both coworkers and clients. It is important to understand that people have other projects and responsibilities which might affect the project you are working on. Sometimes you have to multi-task with different projects to keep them all moving forward. Communication skills are by far the most important skill for an auditor. Through my work experience, I feel more comfortable communicating with clients and coworkers.”