Project Description

Vince Carson, CPA

Senior Accountant, Tax Department
State University of New York College at Brockport

“I did my first internship during college at Insero and based on how positive that experience was there was honestly no reason for me to apply anywhere else. I knew that I wanted to work in public accounting, and it was really the culture at Insero that sold it for me.

What it really boils down to is the people. The atmosphere of the office is amazing. We really try and match people to do what they want to do and therefore people genuinely enjoy what they’re working on.

I’d say the most important skill that I’ve learned is probably critical thinking. Every engagement that I work on is different, every client I work on is different, and because of that, every day is something new. It’s a new challenge and I’m able to take the technical knowledge that I’ve learned from prior engagements, prior clients and apply it to new situations and to think outside the box to solve whatever problem that I’m dealing with that day. There’s a lot of accounting firms out there and who you work with really makes all the difference.”