Hannah Bennett

Former Intern, Audit Department
St. Bonaventure University

“In April and May I was at school and everything was uncertain with school and then thinking about this summer and not knowing if I would be having an internship or not was kind of a little devastating, because I’ve been looking at this firm since I was a freshman in college and to my surprise and I’m extremely grateful for it, I was still given the opportunity to have this internship this summer. Even though it was at home, I think that I have been given the full experience that I was hoping for.

If I have a question, it’s so easy to reach out to somebody and talk to them. I talk to my advisor probably every single day. Whether it’s just about school, or what to do when you graduate, to her teaching me audit programs and just things that I would normally have a conversation with if I was in the office, to now I can just have the conversation over Microsoft Teams and it’s just so easy to communicate with one another.

Everything was more than I expected. It’s been a very good experience so far.”