It’s Time to Automate Payments with AI

Time is at a premium for busy small and midsize businesses, where time-consuming manual tasks can get in the way of more meaningful work that’s necessary to continue building the business.

One great example of a task that eats up precious time is payment processing and bill management. Hour upon hour is spent every week of every month processing invoices, approving transactions, transferring payments, tracking payments, and more. This work has always been a necessary evil—until now. 

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing accounting in many ways, including by automating payment processing so businesses can spend more time on strategic tasks.

How it works

Let’s take an example of how AI-enabled payment processing works by looking at’s platform, which integrates easily with Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud-based accounting software solution.

Traditionally, you have to manually gather invoices and enter the data into your accounting system. But now, offers a centralized inbox where you can simply drop in every invoice (and contracts and other vendor documents). 

The beauty of AI is that it automatically captures invoice data, like the vendor name, date, and payment information—so you don’t have to enter it. AI also automatically associates multiple bills from a given account, so you don’t have to sort them yourself, and you can route every invoice for approval with a single click.  

Benefits of AI-based bill management

As that brief example shows, there are many benefits of shifting to AI-based payment processing, including most obviously time savings through automation. Here are a few additional benefits:

  • It’s a streamlined, paperless process.
  • There’s a built-in audit trail.
  • Bills can be viewed and approved from any device.
  • Payment approvals are always documented.
  • Multiple payment options (ACH e-payments, checks, etc.) are supported.
  • Fraud risk is reduced through data encryption, separation of duties, etc.

Get more information

To dig deeper into how powerful automation tools like can streamline your payments process to save your business time, watch our half-hour recorded webinar, “Streamline Your Payments Process with AI.”

As discussed in the webinar, is just one of the automated solutions Insero & Co. uses to help our clients streamline the complexities of bill management. Our accounting experts have decades of experience working with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes and are available to help your business explore AI-based solutions and other ways to help your business reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

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