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The first year in public accounting is a big transition, moving from an academic environment to a corporate one, and getting to know the firm and the people who work there. Adam Reeder recently sat down with our first-year accounting staff to discuss what the first year has been like at Insero.


Adam Reeder: What about your first year in public accounting at Insero was surprising or different from what you expected?

Ethan Perregaux: How much learning you really do every day, having to problem solve and ask questions, learning, and trying new things

Taylor Baird: I was surprised by how much we’re actually doing as first-years, and the amount of ownership and responsibility. We learn so much by doing more in-depth work.

Zach Szpila: I agree, I like how much we’re actually responsible for and how much I sign off on in each plan. It’s so cool to have that responsibility.

Jed Dumais: I was surprised by now much interaction I have with the partners and managers.


Adam: Are there any aspects of the job that took some time to get used to?

Taylor: The freedom and responsibility to get our own work done, making a plan of attack each day, and knowing how much time to work on something before reaching out. I used to dread asking questions, but now I’m much more comfortable.

Jed: Speaking with clients during financial audits took some time to get used to. The transition to working from home during the pandemic was also and adjustment, but now I find I can be even more efficient.


Adam: Have you had support as you made the transition from student to full-time employee?

Taylor: It’s nice to have someone as a go-to that I can ask any question through the advisor program.

Ethan: I like that we have lot of contact with people who are a few years ahead of us, they have great advice. I also really appreciate that I have time to study for the CPA exam during work hours.


Adam: What stood out to you during your first year at the firm?

Zach: How we get the opportunity to work with other recent graduates, from this year and recent years. Everyone understands what it’s like to be in our shoes.

Taylor: I like how open and welcoming everyone is. They actually want your opinions and listen to what you have to say.


Adam: Are there any specific programs or benefits you found helpful during your first year?

Jed: I like the CPA exam study materials discount and reimbursements, as well as the advisor program.

Taylor: The advisor program is great. I also like the DiSC training by level, it really helped me get to know everyone. When we started working from home, we were sent a survey, and leadership really made it clear they were making an investment in us.

Ethan: I found the DiSC program helpful. I also like the focus on innovation and technology, including IDEA and use of bots to help automate tasks.


Adam: If you were talking to a friend who was currently interviewing for their first accounting job, what would want to tell them?

Taylor: Don’t be afraid to admit there are things you don’t know, because that’s what’s expected and that’s fine. The work from firm to firm may be similar, but what firm would you want to come to work to every day? Ask about culture, and opportunities to get to know your co-workers like happy hours and activities outside of the office.

Zach: Be forward in what you expect to get out of your experience.

Ethan: Be organized, be prepared to learn a lot, and communicate clearly and often.

Jed: You might do the same work other places, but the culture here wins.


About the Author: Kristi Tarantelli

Kristi brings over three years of recruiting experience to Insero & Co.’s Human Resources and Recruiting Services division. Her responsibilities include recruiting for internal positions as well as direct hire positions including Bookkeepers, Accountants, Controllers, and CFOs for a variety of local clients. Kristi also assists with new hire orientations and other on-boarding activities. She updates, formulates, and recommends HR policies and provides employee management support including development plans, guidance, and department needs. She also coordinates recreational activities and community involvement within the firm.


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