Nonprofit executive directors and others on the management team are sometimes asked to interpret a mountain of complex financial data without adequate nonprofit reporting. Sifting through that data is necessary to understand where the organization stands and what steps need to be taken next. 


However, as the examples in this recent webinar demonstrate, all visualizations and reports are not created equal. Some are difficult to decipher without an accounting degree and others give you an incomplete picture that inhibits decision-making. 


To get the answers you need from your reports, it helps to have the right ERP solution, such as Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud-based accounting software solution. Here are a few of the advanced tools that can help you improve your financial visualizations and reporting—and the decisions you base on them.


Customize your dashboard

Sage Intacct allows you to customize your dashboards to show the key performance metrics and other data that matter most to your organization. Plus, the dashboards enable you to dig into the data and visualize it in the way that makes the most sense to you. 


As a cloud-based solution, Sage Intacct also makes it easy to access your up-to-date dashboards anytime, anywhere, from just about any device.


Create reports that matter

With Sage Intacct dashboards and financial reporting, you can compare performance across the metrics that matter most to your organization. There are 150 built-in financial reports available, and you can create custom reports in seconds. 

If you’ve been relying on Excel-based reporting, you know what a relief it will be not to have to manually create reports or use a variety of external tools to get the information you need.


Improve grant management with a multidimensional general ledger

Sage Intacct’s innovative general ledger can help you track key operational metrics and improve all-important grant management. The ledger features 10 dimensions to capture the context of your organization’s transactions, operational measures, and budgets.


With a multidimensional ledger, you can quickly access or create reports that analyze real-time performance, without having to manage a complex chart of accounts. There are 10 predefined dimensions available immediately, from department to employee. And if you need more dimensions, you can easily add them to further refine your reports. 


Get help with your reports

Insero & Co. is a public accounting firm with decades of experience working with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. We can help you evaluate, select, and implement the right nonprofit reporting software to turn your financial data into insights that help you achieve your mission.


About the Author: Kimberly Gangi

Kim is the head of the Outsource Accounting Services Group with over 25 years of experience in public accounting. Meet Kim >


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