Are Your Financial Processes Ready to Scale?

Nobody can predict the future, but it seems safe to say that 2021 will be a year filled with change. Some businesses will struggle and some will fail, but many others will build on what they learned last year and find ways to expand their operations. 

For businesses that are heading into a period of growth—adding more vendors, customers, locations, products, or services—it is imperative to put in place an easily scalable, cloud-based accounting software solution like Sage Intacct to manage the growth. 

Be ready to scale

Imagine a typical business that has been chugging along for years with QuickBooks. The company’s chart of accounts is complicated. Its finance team has adopted cumbersome workarounds and is manually entering data every day. The business lacks insight into revenue for specific customers and products. 

Businesses like this one may not realize they have a problem until they start to grow—or want to grow, and find that their financial processes are holding them back. That’s why it’s better to start using a best-in-class solution like Sage Intacct now.

Grow with confidence

Sage Intacct streamlines operations, making it easier to scale your business. Financial close times can be cut in half, and integrations with Salesforce,, and other providers, as well as with your own software solutions, reduce the need for manual data entry. With less time spent chasing down information, you can devote more time to strategic work. 

As businesses grow, it’s also easy to lose visibility into important data. Sage Intacct’s out-of-the-box project accounting reports give you the insight you need to monitor details like billable hours that might otherwise take hours to pin down. You can also view income and expenses for every product line, monitor different versions of the same product, and track product growth by region.

The more high-volume your business environment becomes, the more essential Sage Intacct becomes. With real-time insights into business-wide trends, you can make more informed decisions to fuel even more growth in the months and years to come.

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