5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter in 2020

Now and through the end of 2020, businesses are going to be searching for a lot of workers to fill new and changing positions. Time is of the essence, budgets are tight, and bad hires are simply not acceptable—all of which makes this an especially smart time to outsource your recruiting. 


Here are five more reasons why this year’s best hire might be of a recruiting service.


1. Free yourself to focus on other projects

Filling a job vacancy is an important, and time-consuming, process. You have to manage all your job postings on all the different pages where you want to list the position (which means being aware of all the latest job sites). Then you have to sift through the inevitable deluge of applications and eventually interview round after round of candidates. 

Hiring a recruiter means outsourcing many of those tasks, so you and your team can devote all those hours to more business-forward tasks. 


2. Recruiters bring expertise

Experienced recruiters know exactly how to find top candidates—it’s what they do all day long. They can use that expertise to help you improve your hiring process, beginning with helping you to craft a detailed job posting that will attract the right candidates. They can also speed up your hiring process, so you can fill your open positions faster.


3. Recruiters can attract the best talent

Skilled recruiters know exactly where to look to find top candidates, and because they interact with a lot of candidates over the course of years, they have a network they can lean on to find candidates that general job listings might miss. If a great employee has just left a position, you can bet a recruiter will hear about it first—and know how to attract them to your business.


4. Recruiters make you look good

A recruiter isn’t simply searching for qualified job candidates. In the process, they’re also helping to build your brand as they sell potential workers on the culture and values of your company. A highly professional agency can even help you convince top candidates to sign with your company over the competition.


5. You can save money 

Budgets are especially tight this year, and recruiters can help you save money by making the end-to-end hiring process more efficient. They can get more listings out in more places, process more applications, and identify top candidates, so you can make the right hire the first time. 


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