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Achieving DCAA and FAR compliance is a complex process encompassing the totality of a federal contractor's operation relevant to each contract. This can be especially daunting for small and mid-size companies entering the federal market space for the first time.

For existing federal contractors, the stringent, complex and ever-changing scrutiny of accounting and contract regulatory requirements such as those required to comply with the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) place additional strain on already tight in-house human resource and operational budgets. The cost to train and maintain federal DCAA expertise across an entire company's operation has become prohibitive.


Why choose Insero?

Our goal is to build a collaborative, long-term relationship with you while providing services designed to support your unique needs and challenges.

In addtion, we have formed an alliance with RKI Accounting, a specialized professional services firm with locations in Connecticut and Washington DC. RKI is a full service U.S. Government Contracts Practice dedicated to assisting contractors and grantees with their U.S. Government accounting and compliance needs. This alliance allows us to better serve our clients who hold contracts with state and local governments, the federal government, and the Department of Defense.

We offer the following services to assist you with your govnerment contract needs:



DCAA Current State Assessment (One-Time Cost-Effective Fee)
Assesses the DCAA compliance of internal accounting processes, procedures and operations, and identifies areas of concern:

  • Allowable/unallowable costs
  • Segregation of direct costs from indirect costs
  • Labor rate estimation
  • Timesheets

We will then provide a final report:

  • Digital and hard copy summary of current state assessment
  • Allows you to perform corrective actions or engage our team to assist you

Contract Assessment

  • Identifies contract performance requirements
  • Identifies FAR contract clauses
  • Provides unique FAR Matrix and clause definitions

DCMA Quality Standards Assessment

  • Identifies mandatory quality certifications
  • Identifies specific contract flow down quality performance requirements


Individual Consulting

Our individual consulting services provide assistance above and beyond the scope of an assessment. These services include:

  • Corrective action assistance
  • Up-to-date consulting in changing regulation mandates
  • DCAA audit assist preparation
  • DCAA audit support
  • DCMA quality and technical consulting

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